The Truth about Keratin Treatments

The truth is…. Not one hair type will react the same to a keratin treatment and all keratin treatments are not made the same.


For instance… you have one made with formaldehyde and another without.  Each treatment is manufactured by the same company.  The difference between the two is that keratin with formaldehyde or other aldehydes act as a preservative to aid in the longevity of a treatment whereas the treatment without has no preservative and doesn’t last as long.  To maintain your treatment you will use sulfate free maintenance products and try to wash your hair less-use dry shampoo.


Keratin is basically heated into the hair shaft to do a number of things for the client.  Keratin will create a lot of shine, seal split ends, seal in color so it lasts longer and stays more vibrant, softens hair, rids the hair of frizz (varying degrees), and straightens (varying degrees).  There is no perfect product out there that fixes everything so manage your expectations.  These treatments are meant to assist the client in managing his or her hair.  Another benefit of having a keratin treatment is that your hair doesn’t suffer the constant aggravation of mechanical manipulation from brushes and extra heat from the hair dryer or flat iron.  When you do blow dry your hair it takes less time.


All in all, keratin treatments are a great tool to help you maintain and manage your hair.  Time, shine, health, seal and shines.  Recommendation is three to four a year depending on how your hair responds to it.


Whichever you choose is at your discretion based on the knowledge you have been given by your stylist.  Its good to go in armed with questions and get answers to make the most informed decision.


Book yours soon…


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